django-todo is a pluggable, multi-user, multi-group, multi-list todo and ticketing system - a reusable app designed to be dropped into any existing Django project. Users can create tasks for themselves or for others, or create Unassigned tasks that will be filed into a specific list (public tickets).

The fake content on this demo site is refreshed every few hours. Notice that you can only see or write to tasks in the Django group(s) you belong to.

Demo user logins

You can log into this demo site as one of several users, who have different permissions and group memberships.

  • To access todo lists for group Basket Weavers, log in as user1 or user2
  • To access todo lists for group Scuba Divers, log in as user3 or user4
  • To access all lists, and to be able to create new lists, login as user staffer
  • The password for all demo users is todo

Log In

The demo site consists of two repos: GTD, which is a basic Django site (the outer "shell"), which is a really a stand-in for your site, and the django-todo reusable app itself (github), which provides the main functionality.

django-todo ships with a set of Bootstrap templates, which extend your site's base.html. The templates can easily be overridden with your own layout and styling preferences (even ditching Boostrap altogether if you like).